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What You Should Know About Integrated Dishwashers

Dishwashers appear as a “must-have” appliance found in almost every kitchen in modern homes. Interestingly, such machines often save folks from stress and reduce the cost of electricity bills to an extent. Although there are varying types of dishwashers, integrated dishwashers emerge as one of the famous options that you can find. Choosing the perfect dishwasher may appear tasking, but here there’s what you should know about integrated dishwashers. 

What are Integrated Dishwashers?

Doing the dishes is one primary task that goes down in every home, and the installation of dishwashers can effectively save you some time and money while you’re at it. You would often find such appliance installed ad attached to the home’s water supply.

There are two major categories of dishwashers; integrated and freestanding. Nevertheless, integrated dishwashers appear to be one of the most satisfying options for most persons. Integrated dishwashers come constructed to fit the cabinetry of modern kitchens; hence, they are also termed “built-under or built-in dishwashers.” 

One can mount a custom cabinet atop this dishwasher, which supplies the kitchen with a seamless appearance. In essence, such dishwashers appear flush-mounted, and you wouldn’t find them sticking out of your cabinets.

So, what does it mean when a dishwasher is fully integrated?

Such an appliance would fit under your kitchen’s countertop and can work with a custom cupboard door that encloses the dishwasher when not in use. Compared to the freestanding options, integrated dishwashers are not permanently installed, and you can take them out when you plan on moving from that house.

Types of Integrated Dishwashers

Within the world of appliances, you would often find a vast type of integrated dishwashers, as they come in different styles and sizes. Nevertheless, there are two significant categories of integrated dishwashers:

  1. Completely Integrated Dishwashers

The fully integrated dishwashers come with an excellent design, as you would find that the appliances’ controls are at the top, concealed from the view. Interestingly, you get the liberty to choose the door’s handle knob, which can further improve your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Kindly note that this type of integrated dishwasher possesses a full-sized cabinet door, often attached to its front. Do fully integrated dishwashers need a handle? Well, you would still need a grip, as it would ease the process of opening and closing the door.

  1. Semi-Integrated Dishwashers

The semi-integrated dishwashers also come with an outstanding design that allows its installation into the kitchen’s cabinetry. However, the top controls are pretty visible while the other areas of this appliance get concealed.

In essence, the kitchen plinth runs across the base of this machine, and you would find the cabinet’s door sitting below the controls. Thus, all operations of this dishwasher are possible even without opening the door.

Guide for Choosing an Integrated Dishwasher

After considering the various “pros and cons” of an integrated dishwasher and you decide on getting one, you must consider the following factors.

  1. Cost

Whether semi or fully-integrated dishwashers, you should know that they come at varying prices. Nevertheless, you would find that very cheap options may often come as low-quality appliances. 

Hence, it would help to find affordable dishwashers that offer great value for your money. There are various options you would find available in the market, and you can look up multiple reviews on integrated dishwashers to find excellent options.

  1. Size

Integrated dishwashers often come in varying sizes, and as such, it would be pretty helpful to conduct some measurements in your kitchen. Kindly get the depth, height, and width of the allocated dishwasher space, as this would aid in choosing the right option.

While measuring, it is advisable to add extra depths to install the electricity and water cables; about 20mm to 30mm should do. But, you should know that the size of dishwasher you buy on whether or not your home does much cooking/baking.

  1. Cycle Options

The cycle programs vary, ranging from auto wash to quick wash. However, your choices would depend on your lifestyle and preferences. Still, you should know that there are such appliances that support eco wash, which appears pretty economical, and there are others with the rinsing option that would work well for pre-wash soakings.

Installing an Integrated Dishwasher

The installation of your integrated dishwasher requires that you consider three major factors:

  • The water supply
  • Power outlet
  • The waste pipe connected to the drain

However, this is one job requiring expert assistance and excellent plumbing knowledge to get it done. In most specialty outlets, the cost of purchasing your new dishwasher would often include the installation fee, and as such, their delivery team would help you install the appliance.

But, if you are thinking of installing the integrated dishwasher yourself, it would help to learn more about such installation and do it with rapt attention. Nevertheless, some helpful tools you would need include screwdrivers, electric appliance cords, dishwasher connector kit, wire connectors, and more. 

Tips on Cleaning and Integrated Dishwasher

It is pretty standard that most homes employ dishwasher tablets, as they do great in keeping dishwashers clean. Nevertheless, you would need some more effective measures in sanitizing your integrated dishwasher.

Thus, it would be best if you create an excellent schedule for cleaning your dishwasher, ensuring the appliance remains hygienic and performs optimally. So, you can use the following tips below.

  • Search for and remove food scraps from the integrated dishwasher after every use
  • Wipe the gasket and dishwasher door frequently to remove dirt and grime
  • Get the filter removed and rinse properly
  • Perform regular cleaning cycles using suitable liquid cleaners or cleaning tablets

Final Words

The increasing need for dishwashers across various homes and the unlimited choices available in the market can make it pretty tasking to pick suitable options. Nevertheless, integrated dishwashers have emerged as one of the most yearned options over the years.

You should know more about dishwasher types on the following online search for a suitable dishwasher for your kitchen. Hence, it would help to read this piece on what you should know about integrated dishwashers.


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