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Tips On How To Pack Your Cooler Properly

When it comes to camping, beach day, or road trips, one of the essentials that comes to mind is how to pack your cooler properly. Guess what? It feels much better and convenient when your cooler is well packed.

Most of us consider it so easy by throwing food and ice in the cooler without proper arrangement, which is not a constructive approach as it may eat up much additional space. Not properly packing the food in the cooler could lead to severe food disappointments.

Here in this article, we have provided some cool and useful tips on how to pack your cooler properly. These tips help in keeping the food fresh in the long run when you are busy enjoying it.

7 Top Tips to Consider When You Want To Pack Your Cooler Properly

How To Pick The Right Insulated-Cooler

The best camping experience is a function of an improved cooler performance. Start with a good quality, thick sided, rigid cooler. Lately, cooler insulation has been improved. There are newer and better-insulated affordable cooler models.

Choose from any of these newer insulated coolers that come with freezer-like gaskets and tight fitting lids which help your items to stay cold for a longer time.

Choose the Right Cooler Size

People don’t usually talk about this, but the bigger the size of a cooler, the better its performance. The size is often the secret behind high performing coolers. We would advise you to get a bigger cooler for a better cooling performance.

Your cooler should have an ice-to-food item ratio of 2:1 in order to create enough space for ice. At the same time, you don’t want to reduce the number of food items because of the limited space available.

On a long trip, you want to open your cooler and have your food items in a great condition. So, we would advise you to go for a larger cooler to have extra space for ice without cutting back on drinks and other food items.

Choosing the Best Containers

Preparing your food at home saves you a lot of stress at the camp, simplifies your adventure and provides space in your cooler. Pour your contents in smaller and reusable edged-shaped containers. The right shape ensures fitted and intact connection between two containers and proper arrangement inside the cooler to provide adequate freezing.

 Ensure Proper Cooler Prep

If you store your cooler in the garage or a dusty place, maybe after your previous trip, bring it inside and wash it at least a day before you use it. It is not advisable to start with a hot or warm cooler. For the absolute best result, pre-load your cooler with ice the night before you use it.

If the cooler is warm, there’s a tendency that the ice would melt at a quicker rate. However, when you load the cooler with ice the night before you use it, the ice will cool the walls of the cooler and you could still reuse the remaining ice in the cooler if not completely melted.

If you can’t afford the double cost of purchasing ice and the stress of loading and reloading ice into the cooler, you can as well fill the cooler with cold water overnight.

How To Properly Pack your Food Items Inside your Cooler

Well-arranged food items improve your cooler performance and ultimately make your camping awesome, enjoyable and a lot easier.

Start by filling the bottom of the cooler with a large block of ice. This helps cold air to sink and evenly distribute inside the cooler. Add freeze water bottles you can fall back on after some days; arrange them evenly on the ice so that their temperature can last longer.

Add little ice to level the surface before loading your food containers. The colder the bottom of the cooler, the longer it will take to retain the temperature. Next, add some beverages and other cold food items.

After adding cold food items like chicken, fish and meat, put more ice to fill the empty space within the cooler.

Most coolers come with a handy wired-basket usually hung and suspended at the top of the cooler at either side of the cooler.

You can fill the basket with fruits and more cabbages. It is always good to arrange all your food items according to their types, meals and day to prevent frequent opening which could expose the cooler’s contents to hot air.  

Transporting Your Cooler

You may want to know the best practice to move your cooler during a long trip. Ensure you put your cooler inside the car or truck. Do not place the cooler on the hot surface at the back of the vehicle. 

Also make sure it is not exposed to sunlight or hot weather. You can also cover the cooler with strong polythene nylon for better cooling retention. This is optional but it’s effective during a long trip and can go a long way in preserving the cooler’s contents.

Last Tip

If possible while traveling, keep your cooler closed. Avoid frequent opening of the cooler to prevent the ice from melting so easily before arriving at your destination. Frequent exposure to the outside temperature leaves the cooler contents warm and they gradually become hot.

Do not drain the cold water in the cooler just because the ice is melting. Leave the melted water inside the cooler to extend the cooler’s cooling capacity. If there’s a need to drain the water, ensure it is a small amount of water.


When arriving at your destination, try as much as possible to move your cooler to a shaded place or you can park your truck under a well-spread and shaded tree — with this, you can prevent the ice from melting so fast due to the heat of the sun.

Your cooler’s performance depends on how it is adequately packed. Additionally, a good quality and well-designed cooler will help your drinks and food stay fresh for a longer time, especially on a long trip.

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