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How to Use Stacking kits to Arrange your Dryer and Washer

Stacking kits are essential accessories to have if you plan on arranging your washer and dryer.

That is why you might want to consider using stacking kits to arrange the dryer and washer.

Stacking is putting a dryer on top of a washer. To do this, you need stack kits. They are put in between the washer and dryer to ensure they fit well and are firmly stuck.


It also absorbs the washer and dryer vibration to make sure the dryer does not fall, causing harm to you or any of your family members. Dryers are expensive and might not have a warrant.


Benefits of Using Stacking kits


While it’s not a must to use a stacking kit while arranging your washer and dryer, It is advisable to use it because it has immense benefits. They include:


  1. Stacking kits provide a form of balance that helps the washer and dryer hold firmly. It enables the washer and dryer to fit well together. As a result, the dryer cannot fall off. 


  1. It absorbs the vibrations of both the dryer and washer. This enables them to stay firm and in place. If you put the dryer on top of the washer without the stacking kit, the vibrations that both produce can make it hard for them to remain vertically attached. 
  2. Some brands of stack kits have shelves. If you are organized and like separating your laundry before putting it in the washing machine, you can use the shelves. When you are done with the laundry, you can use the shelves to fold the clothes. 
  3. Using them to arrange your washer and dryer has the benefit of helping salvage space. Plus, it gives the room a neat look.


How to Use a Stacking Kit. Step by Step Guide.

Follow the following steps to use a stacking kit to arrange your washer and dryer.


  1. You first need to check if your dryer and washer can be stacked. Not all dryers and washers fit. Better still, if you have not already bought them, you can buy them from the same brand. Note that only a front-load washer can be stacked vertically with a dryer.


It is important to note that some washers and dryers fit even if they are from different brands.

Also, the drier must be smaller than the washer, for it is always on top.


  1. The next thing is buying your stacking kit. Make sure it is compatible with your washer and dryer. Most brands make stacking kits that fit with their products. There is no universal kit, so be sure to know which brand suits your laundry machines well.


  1. Take measurements of the space you want to stack your washer and dryer. Then measure them. Add all the sizes of the dryer, washer, and stacking kit. Make sure the sum of the measurements does not exceed the measurements of the room. It should also leave some space. There has to be some space left at the sides and back because of the cables.


  1. Place the stacking kit on top of the washer. Look for a person to help you lift the dryer and place it on top of the stacker. Alternatively, you can seek professional help.


  1. Lastly, run a test and see if everything works excellent. Your washer and dryer are now stacked.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can You Use any Stacking Kit to Arrange Your Washer and Drier?

No. Some manufacturers make them work with their items alone. Check the brand of your washer and dryer and consider buying their stacking kit.


Can you stack a washer and a dryer without using a stacking kit?

Absolutely. You can use a rubber mat. Place it on top of the washer and then place the dryer.

The rubber will help control vibrations and hold them in place. And there. You have stacked your washer and dryer.


When stacking, can I place the washer on top of the dryer?

No, you cannot. A washer weighs way more than a dryer. Plus, it is bigger than the dryer so that it wouldn’t balance. Therefore, If you do this, they will not balance and will end up calling.


Do I have to stack my dryer and washer?

It is not a must. If you don’t feel like doing it and have enough space in your laundry room, you don’t have to do it.

Most people stack their laundry machines to acquire more room and have the place look neat.




Stacking kits are essential when you decide to arrange your washer and drier. They keep firmly stacked together. 

Using a stacking kit is easy. You have to make sure that everything is compatible. Follow the steps above, and you are good to go.

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