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How to use a blender to make apple juice

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Apples are one of the oldest fruits grown by man. They originate from the United States, and at least 50 States grow them for commercial purposes, and it’s a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Apple juice offers a refreshing feeling, especially when taken during those sunny days as you relax in your backyard. 

This article will look at how to use a blender to make apple juice. There are several ways that you can make apple juice; by boiling apples, and the second one is using a blender. Below is step by step on how to use a blender to make apple juice.

Select Apple 

If you have a fresh apple from your farm or just buy them from your nearby grocery store.

It is vital to choose non-acid and sweet apples such as Honey crisp, Rome, Gala, Fuji, and Pink Lad. Since sweeteners are avoided, choose an organic apple that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides. Wash your apples thoroughly under running water, rub gently using sea salt.

Prepare The Ingredients.

 Ensure that you remove the core and the seeds, as some may have harmful chemicals that may harm your body, especially when taken in large amounts. Rinse them and let them dry naturally or wipe them using a clean towel to remove wax or pesticide on its surface.  To remove the pesticides, you may soak them in water that is mixed with two tablespoonfuls m of vinegar and 3 teaspoons of baking soda for 10 -15 min. 

Cut The Apples.

 Peel your apples. There are various ways of cutting apples. You can use a corer or apple slicer. Cut them on using a paring knife or peeler. Use a cutting board into small chunks or 8 pieces par apple that can be easily blended.  You may not need to remove the core seeds or peels as you will strain them at the end of the process. If not, an apple segmenter may be used at this stage to remove the core.

Put Ingredients Into The Blender. 

Put the apple slices into the blender. Add all other apple ingredients into the blender.

Turn on the blender from low speed to increased speed. This gives the blender blade chances to grasp chunks of apples just as you turn your blender to a higher speed. Place all the ingredients into a high-speed blender or regular blender to blend until it’s smooth.

Add some water as you switch on your blender and start blending.  Continue to add more water as required and blend till it becomes smooth. This helps to loosen its consistency. If you don’t have a high-speed blender, place a lid on top of the blender. This helps the apple chunks to be completely crushed to make thick pulp.

 Blend your apples for about 45 seconds using a high-speed blender. If it has a tamper, you can push them down towards the blade at the bottom. If it doesn’t have any, you may use a long spoon to push them down.  For more pulpy varieties, you may continue adding more liquid or juice. 

Stop the Blender and Taste the Juice 

Sometimes there is no need to add a sweetener or sugar in this just, but you can add black salt to add more health benefits.  To add more flavors, you can add some ginger to the blender. If the juice isn’t tasteful enough, you may, at this juncture; you may add your preferred sweetener if required then continue to blend. 

Drain the Juice through a Strainer 

Set the strainer on the bowl and scoop all the pressed apple juice in it. Let your apple juice drain through it for about 10 minutes. You may require to stir up your juice from the blender in order to release it. Use cheesecloth to strain your juice, squeeze it after to release the juice.

You may use a nut milk bag or a fine strainer. Strain the blended mixture to remove the pulp. Place inside a large bowl or pot and pour the apple juice into the bag. Use your hand to squeeze the bag to let all the juice be removed and let the pulp remain.

The fiber of the juice is removed by filtering it through a cheesecloth. This creates fine juice and blends it with cups of water. This lessens the apple flavor and increases fiber intake. 

In order to avoid discoloration, you may add ¼ to ½ teaspoon of lemon juice. If you aren’t having fun, you don’t have to add it.

 Pour the juice in glasses and serve when it’s cold. An Apple juice oxidizes almost immediately and changes color rather quickly. If it isn’t as sweet as expected, you may add a little sweetener such as honey or sugar.

Enjoy it right away

Raw apple juice offers a healthy beverage that contains lots of minerals and vitamins.  To get a more refreshing effect, you may add some ice cubes to the glass. It can be served with any dish of your preference. Take it for breakfast with toast. Cold apple juices offer a revitalizing drink that helps you enjoy summer heat anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the best blender to use?

There are several blenders that you can use to blend your apple juice. The most preferred is a high-powered blender since they are durable and work quite fast compared to the regular blender. Blending your apples in a blender breaks them from solid form and makes apple juice or baby food. 

Can the remaining juice be stored? 

Cover the reminder and refrigerate. 

Note that homemade apple juice doesn’t have preservatives; therefore, ensure to keep it in the fridge and use it within a week. If you would like to preserve it, you add preservatives, and you can store it for up to 9 months. Apple juice may be stored in an airtight container for up to 6 months. 


You can use different sweet tasting apples especially when they are in season. All varieties of pulpy apples or sweet juicy apples can be blended. You can mix two to three varieties for the juice.

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