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How to microwave popcorn

Did you know you could microwave popcorn kernels in a microwave? Popcorn has always been our go-to-go snack at home, while traveling, watching movies, birthdays among other occasions. In this article, we will be sharing amazing tricks as well as answering questions to help you microwave pop kennels to achieve sweet and tantalizing popcorn.


To achieve great results, you will require the following;


  1. A microwave Bowl
  2. ½ or ¼ cup of popcorn kernels
  3. Butter or oil
  4. A lid 
  5. Microwave


A microwave Bowl


While most people find it comfortable to use any kind of bowl on their microwaves, different brands that design and make kitchenware have continued to urge people to check for symbols that are branded on the bowls and items to ensure silverware has been used.

For a proper microwave bowl, it must be silverware to ensure proper heat transfusion from the microwave to your pop kernels without heating the bowl.

A proper Microwave bowl is also branded with three wavy lines meaning it can be used in the microwave


½ or ¼ cup of popcorn kernels


Basically, For the quantity of the popcorn, you will have to check for the size of the bowl and the people who will be taking them.

However, it would be advisable to cook small portions to give the kernels popping space


Butter or Oil


To avoid soggy popcorns, it is advised to use 3 tablespoons of hot clarified butter for 10 cups of popcorn kernels. However, you could add 1 more tablespoon of butter for your taste.

In case you don’t have butter, you can substitute it with your preferred cooking oil. Again, you have to remember not to put a little oil as your popcorns might be soggy


A lid 


Getting a good lid is important as we will need to seal the bowl to ensure our popcorn kernels don’t pop out of the bowl to the microwave and create a mess. Remember, a fitting lid will ensure our popcorns are all popped and settled inside the bowl.


A microwave


Lastly, we need a microwave that is working properly and can facilitate the size of the bowl we chose as well as the lid.

With everything ready and set we will commence cooking by putting ¼ cup of popcorn kernels in a bowl together with 3 tablespoons of hot butter, adding preferred salt to taste then covering your bowl with its lid. With the bowl in the microwave set the microwave on high for 5 minutes or until you hear the popping sounds gradually begin to slow or have stopped completely. Serve while hot while enjoying your favorite movie.

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Below are frequent questions asked about microwaved popcorns that we have compiled and answered just for you!


How safe is it to pop your popcorns in the microwave?


It is 100% safe to pop your popcorns in the microwave by using a proper microwave bowl that is made of silverware to ensure heat is transferred evenly from the microwave to the popcorn kernels.


Does popcorn increase the age of women?



Yellow popcorn kernels are very rich in carotenoid antioxidants. These antioxidants include lutein and zeaxanthin that help guard against macular degeneration hence preventing aging( The two antioxidants also help prevent chronic diseases and protect eye health not only in women but to also children and men


How long do you microwave pop kernels in the microwave?


The best time for microwaving pop kernels in the microwave is between 4-5 mins or until there is no distinct popping sound being heard from the bowl.

Popcorns are easily scorched hence the need to be alert and listen till the popping simultaneously stops.


Can everyone eat microwaved popcorns?


Yes, absolutely! Popcorns cooked over the microwave are safe and healthy for everyone including children. Popcorns improve bone development, control blood sugar, improve digestion as well as regulate craving for food in everyone from adults to children. 


Tips to microwave popcorns in a microwave


Cooking popcorns in a microwave is easier and faster compared to cooking them over the cooker. However, it is the easiest way to create a mess or even scorch them when not careful (


Here are some things and tricks to keep in mind before microwaving popcorns in a microwave;


  1. Choose and buy good-quality popcorn kernels. Yellow grain popcorn kernels are more considered to the other white grained kernels as it has smaller popcorn when the grain pops. The white grain also takes time before popping hence not preferred for making tantalizing popcorns. Also, baby corn cannot be used to make popcorns as it isn’t dried and matured yet


  1. Choose quality butter or oil

To avoid soggy popcorns butter or oil is essential as it determines the overall taste, smell, and even the popcorns appearance. Also, too much butter or oil may result in the popcorn kernels not popping hence resulting to waste.


  1. Choose a safe microwave bowl and lid

A microwave bowl that is recommended by a kitchenware company has to be silverware. Silverware ensures that heat is transferred from the microwave directly to the popcorn kennels without heating the bowl itself hence ensuring that the bowl does not break or crack. A proper lid is also essential to avoiding popcorns from messing the microwave

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Microwaving popcorn is one of the easiest and fastest ways to prepare popcorns. Always ensure you are using the recommended microwave bowl as well as keen when the popping sound stops simultaneously to avoid scorching them. By following the above techniques and tips every time you are about to microwave your popcorn kernels will ensure good results.

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