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French Door Fridges- a Tips & Reviews Buying Guide

Fridges might be expensive, but they’re convenience treasures within the kitchen space. And with the many rising demands, getting a fridge that meets your household needs is vital. French door fridges may give your space a high-end look, but they too come with various complex functionality and configurations.  That’s why this detailed buyer’s guide is here for you. To help you make the right purchase, and maintain your appliance through the years.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a French Door Fridge

Storage Capacity

Most French door fridges range from 20-28 cubic feet. But remember, these measurements include both the freezer section and the fridge itself. So, the higher the capacity of the fridge, the more storage space it will offer, for both your frozen and fresh foods/beverages. 

A standard-sized French fridge covers around 22 ft3 space, and can comfortably serve the needs of a family of three-four members.  You should also consider your household’s food shopping habits. A family that stocks up lots of supplies, requires more storage space and vice versa.


Apart from the storage capacity, the layout of your French fridge significantly determines the storage solutions it has to offer. Remember, fridges come with shelves, partitions, and other important storage features to make it easy for you to arrange foodstuffs. 

Therefore, the way the interior parts of the fridge are separated will determine if it meets you and your household’s needs. You should not only consider the present demands, but also the near future. 

Household Space

Do you live in a limited space, or does your home have more room to spare? Before buying a specific French door fridge unit, ensure it will perfectly fit into your space. The last thing you want is having to move other appliances around to accommodate it. 

To avoid inconveniences, measure the space where you want to place your fridge, and ensure the new fridge’s measurements are a perfect match. Remember, you’ll be opening your French door fridge in both directions, so the space should have an allowance for easy access. 

The Ice and Water Dispenser

While this isn’t a must-have feature in all French door fridges, but most of them do include an ice and water dispenser. You will notice it on the door, and of course, it occupies some space. So, if you want to maximize your storage space, this is something to look out for. 

Plus, fridges with an ice and water dispenser are more expensive than those without. It gets even pricier with various dispensing settings.

Energy Consumption

For your fridge to function efficiently, it will always be connected to a power source. So, to avoid digging deeper into your pockets to cater for crazy energy bills, ensure the unit you’re considering purchasing has a good energy rating. Also, an eco-friendly appliance takes care of the environment, while you enjoy the convenience!

To ensure energy efficiency, buy a fridge that perfectly meets your household needs. A larger fridge will cost you more energy bills when you can pay less for a smaller unit equally effective unit. 

The finish

If you’re an interior décor enthusiast, the finishing of your fridge is equally important. After all, it will be part of your home for years (well, until you decide to upgrade). So, it’s only right if it complements its surroundings. 

You can decide to make be your bold statement, or tone down, according to personal preference. 

What Else to know about French Door Fridges

  • You can make use of every corner of your French door fridge. You can easily get both large, small and irregular stuff in there. Just identify the right spots and you’ll be good to go. 
  • Always keep in mind the temperature and convenience when storing up items in your fridge. For instance, the door bins are known to be the warmest areas, making them suitable for spices and juices.  

Consequently, the bottom shelf is the coldest, hence suitable for meat and dairy products.  Let your leftovers sit on the upper shelf for easy reach. And then separate the high and lower humidity fruits and vegetables and store them in different crispers.

  • When placing your French door fridge next to a wall, adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines on clearance. The fridge needs to operate effectively, and you also want easy access to items. An allowance of about ½ inch from the fridge’s side to the wall, and 2 inches behind it, works out for most models.
  • If your fridge stops working, immediately check if it’s properly plugged into the power source. Sometimes the house breaker can turn off the electricity supply to your appliance. But if everything seems well connected, you might have to call an expert to check it out.
  • If you notice that your fridge is on, but warmer than usual, check the condenser coils and clean them up. You can also recheck the temperature settings, and if the door seals are still in good condition.

Why Getting a Fridge Door Fridge Is Good Investment

  • Safer for small children

We all know small children are hard to control, even when all the security features are in place. Sometimes they sneak up on you, and the next thing you know, they’re trying to open the fridge door. With a standard one-door fridge, it’s easy since the handle is lowly positioned. But not the French door appliances. Their handles are located a bit higher, hence out of reach for those small delicate hands. 

  • Enhanced Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, the energy rating on your fridge is an important factor to consider. We would also like to add that the door configuration of the French door unit, make them more efficient than other standard fridges. You can open one door to access the fridge, instead of two, hence maintaining the operational temperature.

  • Boosts Food preservation

As noted above, you don’t have to open both doors on your French door appliance to access items. And as a result, this maintains the temperature, which is a primary source of food preservation in the fridge. You can trust this unit to keep your food fresh and bacteria-free, fit for consumption.

Useful Shopping Tips

  • If getting a fridge isn’t an emergency need, consider shopping over major holidays as most shops offer discounts on their products.  There’s usually a notable price drop for most items during summer.  The best deals are around Black Friday.
  • There’s currently an appliance shortage, especially of French door units. So, it might be difficult to find your preferred model right away. Ensure to order a couple of weeks in advance. It’s better to wait than compromise on your must-have features.
  • If your budget is tight, or want the best deal with less money, you can purchase a used unit. Look out for used appliances stores within your locality for a good deal. However, ensure you get a warranty. 


Getting the right French door fridge for your home is the best decision you can ever make. You enjoy convenience, energy efficiency, and even take part in environmental conservation. The above guides and tips are exactly what you need for a valuable purchase. 


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